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As with everything else at South Farm, our accommodation is a little bit different. Bespoke, luxurious and charming. Our luxurious guest bedrooms, Showman’s and Romany Wagons sleep 24 in total and there’s a camping area for more adventurous guests with local B&B’s and Hotels as a backup. Our sister B&B, Fen Bridge Farm, just over a mile down the road is also reserved for your guests with three stylish rooms.

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Sweet dreams guaranteed

Our stunning Coach House Suite for you and a choice of bespoke bedrooms for your guests. Our collection of five Showman's and Romany Wagons offer a unique take on glamping or guests can pitch a tent and camp! Our couples allocate the accommodation to suit, allowing them to house their nearest and dearest on site before offering any remaining rooms to the rest of their guests. Up to 40 guests can return to join you for breakfast the morning after your wedding allowing those staying locally to join you for a special send-off the morning after your Wedding Day. It's a perfect finalé to a perfect celebration!

Beautiful guest bedrooms & charming Showman's & Romany Caravans

Unlimited camping capacity, campers breakfast also available

Additional guest accommodation at Fen Bridge Farm one mile away

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    The venue is not only unique, but made the day extra special for them.

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