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ZRI Trio play traditional Klezmer, Gypsy and Balkans music ranging from high-energy dances to gentle meditations. Their instruments are the violin, accordion and santouri, a beautiful hammer dulcimer from the Greek islands. The musicians are all members of the internationally acclaimed group ZRI, who since 2011 have been invited to over 40 festivals and major concert venues, and in 2015 featured on BBC Radio 3’s ‘In Tune’ and ‘Late Junction’. Their first CD, ‘Brahms and the Gypsy’, was released in 2014 and their second, ‘Schubert At the Red Hedgehog Tavern’ in 2016.

ZRI take both their name and inspiration from ‘Zum Roten Igel’ – ‘the Red Hedgehog’ – a classical concert hall in old Vienna, but also a tavern behind it where gypsy bands played. The individual members of ZRI are all world-class musicians whose other activities include  playing at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, recording for major films like The Grand Budapest Hotel and orchestral work on stages from Carnegie Hall to Glastonbury.

As well as concerts, the members of ZRI Trio have long experience of playing at weddings and all manner of other functions. They can perform as a duo or add more players including clarinet and cello if desired.

ZRI – the refinement of the classical concert stage spiced with gypsy flair