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PianoDJ are a recommended South Farm Wedding DJ & Wedding Pianist. We provide wedding music for people who love music.

All of the musicians and wedding DJ’s recommended by South Farm are really good, so you have a tough decision ahead of you as you start to think about who will provide the music for your wedding.

We are usually the first choice for couples who really love music and for couples who want music to be an important part of their wedding day.

It is quite likely that you haven’t seen us in action at a wedding before. So, to help you decide if we are the right musicians for your wedding we want to audition for you! We have recently built a small film studio in our warehouse so that we have the facilities to record wedding piano videos and wedding dj videos. We did this so that you can get in touch with us and request to hear your favourite song played on a piano by one of our pianists or your favourite dance songs mixed by one of our DJ’s before you book.

This is a really good way for you to compare the pianists and DJ’s in your shortlist and hand pick the best musicians for you wedding.

PianoDJ – Watch this video to find out more….

We are a wedding music agency with 3 DJs and 12 pianists. We are big enough to be able to always have back up performers in emergencies but small enough to care and provide a personal service with one point of contact. Our pianists and DJs are all full time musicians and because they don’t have to worry about doing the admin side of performing at weddings they spend all their time either learning songs on the piano or preparing DJ sets specifically for weddings.

We are one of the newer recommended wedding pianists/DJ at South Farm. We haven’t done 500 weddings at South Farm (yet!) but we were founded in 2006 and currently provide musicians for over 500 weddings every year across the country. The couples who choose us are the ones who really love music and think music is really important part of their day.

South Farm Wedding Pianist

A piano is the most popular instrument played at weddings for very good reasons. It is one of the most versatile instruments in terms of playing different styles of music for different parts of you day. Whether that is romantic music for you to walk down the aisle to in your ceremony, upbeat music for entertaining guests during your drinks reception, beautiful background music for while people eat their wedding breakfast or playing lively music to get people in the mood for dancing in the turn around period.

The piano is one of the most established instruments in popular music throughout the centuries and decades. Whether you are into classical music, jazz or something more current the chances are it will sound great on the piano. One of our specialisms is taking  music you love and creating amazing instrumental cover versions on the piano. Our pianists have played everything from Shy FX to Guns and Roses to Swedish House Mafia and even a bit of Justin Bieber!

We love being a recommended wedding pianist at South Farm because there are so many opportunity to make a couples day even more special. For outside ceremonies, the garden feels like you are actually in someones garden. There is nothing pretentious about it and it is so fun to see families exploring the grounds and meeting the resident animals. For indoor ceremonies, the acoustics of the conservatory make the piano sound amazing and the pianist has a really good view of the bride coming in so they can get the timing of the entrance music just right. Playing the piano for the wedding breakfast is great because the main barn is really intimate and the pianist can be seen and heard by all of the wedding guests. It is as if they are playing especially for them. The set up is really informal and guests will often chat to the pianist and request songs during the meal. In the turn around period a pianist can play really lively upbeat music to get your guests in the mood for dancing when they return to the main barn later in the evening.

If you love music like we do we would love to be your pianist for your wedding at South Farm.

South Farm Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is responsible for the success of the second half of your wedding. When you love music you know that only the best will do. All of our DJs are really into music. Some of our favourite genres are Drum and Bass, House, RockIndie and a few more. We know that your granny probably doesn’t share your love of drum and bass however we specialise in taking niche genres and finding remixes of older songs that your whole family will dance to. Everyone is a winner!

We love being a recommended South Farm Wedding DJ because the main barn is the perfect size to create a really good atmosphere. The fact that the bar is in the same room as the dance floor is really essential to keeping the energy high throughout the night. At South Farm, guests all stay in the same room and you get such packed dancefloors. It is an awesome venue for a great party!!

We have one excellent DJ package and every couple pays the same price. This DJ package includes everything that you need for an amazing party. If you want to really wow your guests we can provide a bongo player or sax player to accompany the DJ at an additional cost. We can also provide additional uplighters if you would like us to control the lighting for the whole room.

If you love music like we do we would love to be your DJ for your wedding at South Farm.

What happens when you book

We would love to be your wedding pianist or wedding DJ.

We are a very open and transparent company so all of our prices are available on our website – Wedding Pianist & Wedding DJ prices.

We have an online booking form which you can use to book us for your wedding at South Farm in under 2 minutes. There is nothing to pay during the booking form process and you can make a booking from your phone / ipad / computer.  –Booking form.

Your main point of contact once you have booked will be Rhiannon who is in charge of co-ordinating all of the musicians at PianoDJ. She will put together your paperwork, sort out your music requests and check the logistics of your wedding nearer the time to make sure everyone is there with plenty of time to spare.

We have an online form which you can use to tell us all the music you want to have for your wedding.

South Farm Wedding DJ & Pianist

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If you would like to find out more about booking us to be your wedding pianist or wedding DJ at South Farm visit the page below.