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So, here at Little Cake Kitchen, we understand and remember only too well that sometimes wedding planning isn’t exactly stress free… But we firmly believe that planning your cake should be one of the exceptions to the rule, and here in our kitchen in Baldock (9 miles from South Farm), we aim to not only eliminate the stress, but make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Everything from the initial consultation to the free set up and delivery on the day should ensure the cake is definitely something you can tick off the list of things to do.

So why come to us for a consultation?

Well, firstly, years of wedding cake experience means that there are albums full of pictures to browse through, so even those overwhelmed by the sheer choice out there should find something to inspire. A friendly face, a cup of tea and a good old chat about the finer details of your wedding (and we love to talk weddings) allows us to really understand what you want from your day, and we can build upon your themes, colours and ideas to create something truly bespoke to you. Or you may just come in, see a pic, like it and want it.  Now that makes it really simple.

Finally, there’s cake. Plenty of cake. Even the grooms will find themselves showing an interest. From Victoria sponge, chocolate fudge and traditional fruit to the more exotic individual requests (and everything in-between), we pretty much have it covered.

So whether you’re looking for contemporary or vintage, simple or elaborate, cakes, cupcakes, cookies or favours, contact Kerry, we’d love to hear from you!

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