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“Everyone loves a good wedding, but these guys positively live for them…” Michal

Our creative blend of personal, natural and fun wedding and event photography ensures you’ll be able to re-live the best day of your life forever! On your wedding day, you’re going to look fantastic and you’ve chosen a great venue. So our real job is to make sure the fun you have on the day shines through in your wedding photos.

When you look back you’ll remember it exactly how it was, lots of happy faces having an amazing day! Hopeless romantics who do indeed live for a good wedding, you’ll get both of us shooting your day as standard, so you’ll get more coverage of your friends and family enjoying the day as well as all those special details. Most importantly, we’ll get to know you before the day so we blend in and it won’t seem like a stranger has turned up to the most important day of your life.

Based just a few fields away from South Farm, we’re members of the highly-regarded Fearless Photographers Collective, and planning website Go Hen voted us one of the Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers in October 2014. But don’t take their word for it, let’s get together for a drink and you can see why we might be the right people for you!

“They are a faultless team and exceptionally professional. Tick one thing off your wedding list and pick Lina and Tom as your wedding photographers, it will be the best decision you make.” Emma

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