We have a range of catering options to suit your needs: Kosher Friendly with Rabbinic Guidance, Masorti Guidance & Supervision or simply a Fish or Vegetarian menu using Fruit and Vegetables from our Smallholding and Eggs from our Chickens

Kosher friendly, with Rabbinic Guidance

The European Masorti Bet Din has instructed and trained South Farm personnel (see attached certified list) in the basic principles of Judaic Law applicable to kosher catering and in the procurement of kosher ingredients and their preparation, cooking and service in faithful compliance with those principles. Masorti have also entered into a Consulting Agreement with South Farm, see PDF, which inter alia, provides menu review and approval, guidance in all matters relating to kosher-friendly catering upon request from South Farm, and consultation without charge to South Farm clients and enquiries. Masorti took account of the substantial amount of fresh home grown produce used by South Farm, including free range eggs, our custom of baking fresh bread daily and Elite Scores on Doors kitchen hygiene record, three consecutive years of 5 Star (maximum) achievement since implementation by Local Government of the scheme. Standard wedding prices plus £500.

Masorti Guidance and Supervision

The European Masorti Bet Din, under the direction of Rabbi Chaim Weiner, has approved South Farm as capable of delivering Kosher catering under their direct on-site supervision and guidance. Masorti review and approve menus, provide kosher crockery, kasher the kitchen and supervise and guide on site and throughout the relevant duration, the preparation, cooking and service of the food and service of kosher wines. Costs arising from Masorti guidance and supervision and crockery hire are identified and included within South Farm contract prices. South Farm is responsible for payment in full to Masorti. Standard wedding prices plus £1,500 plus kosher ingredient premium (if applicable).

Vegetarian or Pescatarian Menu

Alternatively if you would like a fish or vegetarian menu with no kosher restrictions or ingredients there would be no extra charge and Standard wedding prices would apply.