The Scares (Sam and Sarah- 20th August 2017)

I took the wedding very, very seriously. I looked at 130 places online that I whittled down to about 20. Those I showed to my partner and then we went to see 11. South Farm, was our back up. They didn’t quite have the large numbers we were looking for, but I threw it in as the wild card. I remember driving up the driveway like it was yesterday. I was already hit by the honest beauty of the place. It felt natural, and like home. I remember turning to Sam and whispering ‘This is it!’ He told me ‘To hold on, as we hadn’t got inside yet’! I was hooked, and by the end of our show around and meeting he was hooked. A week later we brought my mum and dad and of course they were hooked. Now my Mum is as crazily thorough as me and the first places she looked at were the toilets and kitchen!! All passed her tests of cleanliness. Everyone we met was welcoming, open and friendly. The food….I don’t even know where to begin. It is AMAZING. The kitchen team really know what they are doing and I had some very hard dietary requirements to contend with! All problems were met with a smile and dealt with, with no questions asked. They have such a slick team and really know what they are doing. Alli and Carys looked after me on the day and they spoilt us rotten. They were so friendly, kind and always helpful. The day ran without a hitch (at least I didn’t notice one) It was a dream come true wedding for us and I will always be grateful to the hard work, effort and love that South Farm put into their weddings. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.