Kathryn and Andy Clarkson (Bride’s Parents)

Hi South Farm,

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at South Farm for making Sarah and Adam’s wedding day such an incredible celebration.

Sarah and Adam knew they wanted their wedding to be at your venue on their visit day. However, they decided look at  one other venue  just in case. Don’t know why they did that! Sarah was not interested in the other place at all. Her Dad commented to her as we left the other venue, “South Farm is just you Sarah. It’s higgledy piggledy” by which he meant it was quirky! So glad we then went ahead and booked you!

The venue looked stunning so many guests commented on this. The food was exceptional especially the scotch eggs which we hear are now on the menu. It’s so important to feed your guests well and you did that for us.

Sarah and Adam and her sibling’s favourite moment was visiting the pigs. It made their day especially when the bride got pig poo all over her hand.

Please pass on our sincerest gratitude to all your staff. You have an amazing team! Everyone I have spoken to at South Farm did their best to accommodate our requests and sorted everything calmly, efficiently and swiftly.

I would especially like to say a big thank you to Alli the wedding planner. She made the day absolutely perfect!