Jules & Sarah

To the finest squadron of organisers ever assembled,


Whilst I’m sure and hope, that you superheroes are bombarded with thank you messages on an almost hourly basis, I just wanted to take a moment for Sarah and I to extend our gratitude.


I was tempted to describe South Farm and the amazing folks who work there as a well-oiled machine, but that strips away all the beautiful human qualities that are in your business at its core.


The way you all made my wife (YES!) and I feel so so special is a sentiment I’ll never be able to properly communicate.


Every single email or phone request we sent you, of which there were probably thousands, were dealt with the level of  kindness I’d expect from an old friend. You coped with the challenging personalities of my family in a way we are yet to master!


Last Saturday we felt like the venue had been built for us, and we would be the only people to ever marry there.


A key message our guests relayed to us (who also all felt like rock stars) was that the tone of the venue was just perfect. You tread the line between elegant, relaxed and yet welcoming so magnificently, in fact almost as well as my wife!


I want all of you to win the lottery, so you get to feel the same rush of magic that we felt as a South Farm Bride and Groom.


I’d just recommend one small change to your setup if I may be so bold. Please alter your tag line from “Distinctly Different” to “Head and Shoulders Above Anywhere Else on the Entire Planet.”


Huge amounts of love all of your team,