Sustainability at South Farm

At South Farm, we are blessed with a stunning location in a lovely corner of England. We care deeply about the environment and looking after our little part of the world is a big priority for us.  We want to ensure that generations to come can enjoy our wonderful home in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Our ethos is to give our couples the very best wedding day possible in a beautiful setting with impeccable service in a friendly and relaxed manner. To be custodians of this beautiful venue is a true privilege and one that every single member of our team takes very seriously. We are committed to being green with a large number of eco-friendly initiatives. We are taking steps to reduce the impact that our activities and actions have on the environment, both close to home and with a larger world perspective.

It means everything to us that our couples entrust us with their wedding day. We aim to deliver the very best wedding possible and you can rest assured that what we do is underpinned by our longstanding and heartfelt sustainable aims and principles.  Our experienced team ensure your wedding day lives up to your dreams and expectations.  We really do try to think of everything! At the same time, not forgetting that, with just a little thought and effort from us all, we really can do our bit to benefit the planet and to make our world a greener and more sustainable place.

We are proud to be committed the following:

Responsible Sustainable Sourcing

We source responsibly using local suppliers wherever possible. We endeavour to buy organic, free-trade, Rainforest Alliance certified alternatives wherever feasible.  Sustainability is high on the menu here. We only externally source what we really have to – we organically grow a large percentage of the fruit, vegetables and herbs used by our chefs in our very own small-holding and we also rear our own pork and eggs. All our home-reared pork is fully traceable to our farm.

Our Farm and Our Food

We cater in-house for all our wedding guests, offering seasonal menus and home-grown produce all grown in our unique small-holding which spans around 10 acres.

Our farming uses solely organic principles and we harness the power of nature to help us do this. No chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides are used by our team.

We have our own Heritage Orchard producing an abundance of fruit for delicious desserts and locally bottled juices. We have a plentiful soft fruit cage and produce our own honey, jams, preserves and pickles from the produce we grow. Our apples are sent to a local farm for pressing and making into apple juice which we serve as one of our soft drink options.

Our 140 free-range chickens give us all the eggs used in our kitchens and we have a free-range herd of Kune Kune and Saddleback Pigs.

We pick Elderflower seasonally from which we make vast quantities of Elderflower cordial, used for delicious soft drinks or in a bubbly Elderlini!

We have long over-winter storage for crops such as squash and garlic, which can then be used in abundance in our menus throughout the seasons in truly sustainable fashion.

We offer fully vegan menus, fully vegetarian menus and a diverse range of ethnic menus, so prepare yourselves for a truly delicious feast, whatever your dietary needs may be!

We have an organic wine selection, a vegetarian wine selection and a vegan wine selection within our comprehensive wine list.

We have large composting facilities, as well as horse-manure provided by our friendly neighbours to feed our fields.

When you visit us, you can see a number of delightful rare-breed animals including kune kune pigs, white peacocks, sheep and their lambs, runner ducks and chickens happily at home in our barnyard and paddocks.

Wildlife Conservation and Eco-friendly Planting

We have created many diverse wildlife habitats by planting over 1000 indigenous hardwood trees, heritage orchards and kilometres of hedgerow.

We have created wildflower meadows that are not just pretty but also provide essential food and homes for bees and other wildlife.

We have installed nesting boxes and are very proud of our resident breeding birds including Barn Owls.

We manage a local disused reservoir and nature reserve which is home to crayfish, kingfishers, reed warblers, over half of all the dragon fly species found in the UK and many other wildlife species.

Buildings Conservation

Our Grade II listed barns and our farmhouse have all been sympathetically restored to retain the history of the original site.

We have five charming Romany Wagons which provide additional guest accommodation all of which have been beautifully restored.

Waste Management & Reduction of Waste

We only use bio-degradable paper straws.

We aim to reduce single use plastics including bottles.  We do not use plastic shopping bags.

All drinking water is provided in glass jugs, glass kilner jars or glass bottles.

Water Preservation and Management

We have an onsite borehole which provides water for irrigating our crops and for toilet flushing.

Our onsite sewage treatment plant with reed and willow bed polishing plants allows utilisation of wastewater on site, with a large amount of the excess returned to our onsite water table. Our reed bed uses no electricity and provides an ecological habitat for a wide range of species.

We have a number of ponds providing us with water reserves and wildlife habitats.

All guest bedrooms and guest accommodation have showers or the use of a shower, conserving water usage.

Eco Friendly Energy Usage

We are committed to a fully green energy tariff.

We continue to roll out low energy appliances and lighting across the venue.

How we Reduce our Carbon Footprint

All our homegrown produce has zero food miles and zero packaging costs.

Refrigeration costs are lower for home-grown produce as we harvest crops daily and grow seasonally to minimise the need for refrigerated storage.

We provide dried home-grown bio-degradable rose petals for our couples to use as confetti.

We do not provide in-room fridges in our guest accommodation.

We have an online brochure which we email wherever possible, reducing paper, post and transportation costs.

Sustainable Community Endeavours

We provide employment for around 70 staff. We recruit locally and employ a wide range of skills, providing both full and part-time employment. We have low staff turnover and provide progressive staff training and enhancement programmes.

We have supported young people by offering apprenticeships and we are able to offer work experience placements for students.

We support the Red Cross and a number of other local good causes. We host charity events and work in our immediate and online communities to raise awareness of local charities we support. Charitable efforts also arise from time to time amongst our staff! Historically we have raised money for Orchid Cancer Charity, The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, Wheels for Martin Friends and the National Garden Scheme.

We are a member of Olio, a food sharing organisation, and we offer our surplus produce to them when available.