20th October 2019

Steph & Iain

Can we not just do it all over again please?!
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On behalf of myself and my new HUSBAND, I’d just like to say a massive thank you to you and the whole team at South Farm. The day could not have gone better and we couldn’t imagine celebrating anywhere else. From day one, the experience has been an absolute pleasure and given the short timeline we were working with, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole planning process felt!

Myself and Iain were so happy with how the day went- a bonus was that we got lucky with the weather and had the magical experience of our dream outdoor ceremony! All the guests have talked about is how the venue was so stunning and how great the food was (we’ve even had a couple of carnivores consider a plant based diet going forward!)

Honestly we could go on…

Again a big thanks to all those we worked closely with including James, Emily and of course Becky who on the day ran a slick military operation and of course this will all be reflected in our online reviews too.

Take care and best wishes,

Steph and Iain

Can we not just do it all over again please?!

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