17th October 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Darnell-Anderson

Thank you to everyone involved for being part of a truly magical time. 
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Dear Summer,

Happy New Year to you and the team at South Farm! We hope you all had a lovely holiday period.

We would like to express our appreciation for everything the team at South Farm have done for us. We couldn’t have wished for anything more, as you had met and promptly exceeded all our expectations. Everything was handled with great professionalism and warmth. Our guests have all expressed how impressed they were by the venue, the food, the staff and the atmosphere. Even to this day people are still commenting on the amazing buffet spread and the romance of South Farm. A special mention to yourself, Summer, for being with us from our first show around, through to the final moments of the big day, and for always having the kindest nature.

And the food… my goodness the food…. The comments from our guests about the food were just incredible, they commented on how amazing every single thing was. Your chefs are so talented. 

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