Violets & Velvet

Violets and Velvet create stylish, ethical wedding flowers. We love to use seasonal, and where possible, British grown flowers.

As a gardener, I take inspiration from nature.Β  I like my designs to feel organic, but considered and using flowers that can be found side by side in a real life garden. Colour is a huge inspiration also and I love clients that want to play with this a little. Texture is so important to me also and we love to use foliage that enhances the flowers. In my opinion the foliage we use is just as significant as the flowers. Being a florist is more than a job for me. I didn’t start out as one, although it was always there in the back of my mind, my plan B. I believe you take a bit of knowledge from every job you do and my background in costume and textiles has definitely given me some skills that I use when designing floral arrangements.

We love to get to know our couples, so meeting up for a cup of tea and a chat is always the best way to start proceedings. From here, I put together a bespoke and descriptive proposal for the flowers which will always start with your ideas.


Call us on 01223 207581 or email
South Farm, Shingay, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0HR
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