Jack Brock – Confetti Pony

Jack is the ultimate wedding guest! Jack Brock has more character than you can imagine such a small bundle of fluff could possibly contain!

He was born into the world of the Gypsies and rescued as a foal by Mark Brock. I am the proud owner of Jack! We named him Jack Brock as a thank you to Mark who managed to save his bacon! He whinnies to greet me every morning, no doubt asking where his breakfast is! A well travelled pony, who started life in the Cotswolds and now has his main living quarters here in Norfolk. He hangs out with his brother Little Joe a skebald pony, and socialises with racehorses, scruffy terriers and of course us Humans!

Jack is available to entertain your guests too! He makes a fabulous Confetti pony and also a very dapper waiter! With his rather smart English leather bridle and harness along with wicker baskets decorated in cream silk flowers, the baskets can be filled with confetti or bottles of Champagne!

Jack carries fresh rose petals in his wicker baskets and mingles with your guests during your reception. He takes fabulous photos, loves children and will be a talking point for years to come.

Contact Jack today to invite him to your special day!



e: info@jackbrock.co.uk

m: 07766 476515

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