DL Make-Up

Experts In Bridal Make up & Hair

“The Friendly Face of Makeup”

Experts In Bridal Make up & Hair

DL Make up are “Simply the best wedding make up & hair service in the business!” With 25 years of experience, expertise and specialism Denise & Dina co founders of DL MAKEUP provide Brides and Bridal Parties with an opulent bespoke make up & hair service, aside from designing the concepts and creating covers, fashion & beauty shoots for high end editorial & bridal magazines – where you will regularly find their names quoted.

In demand and well known as “magicians with make up and maestros with hair they are the pinnacles of make up & hair in the wedding industry!” as there reviews confirm and any of their brides will confirm.

DL Make up offer you the chance to book their bespoke wedding day make up & hair, services, just as they have embellished their mastery on celebrities, fashion/beauty editors and private clients’ weddings to produce picture perfect looks that are both seamless and professional.

Both infamous for their application of “radiant, flawless, natural complexions” and also quoted as being “visionary when styling hair for real weddings” and only using the most on trend, luxury and marvellous products.

Look No Further….

With over 25 years expertise with make up & hair in the Fashion, Beauty & Bridal industry –

“DL will make you Happy & Beautiful”

Experts & Est. over 25 years Denise & Dina are the “Best Wedding Make up Artists in the Business!”

We really look forward to hearing from you

Call us on 01223 207581 or email info@south-farm.co.uk
South Farm, Shingay, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0HR
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