Cambridge Makeup Artist – Hair & Makeup Artist

Award winning hair and makeup artist who has worked with many brides at South Farm.

Hi – I’m Kerry, an award winning hair and makeup artist who has worked with many brides at South Farm.

I am an accomplished and professional hair and makeup artist that has been immersed in the world of weddings in Cambridge for 10 years.

I believe that every discerning bride deserves to feel special and beautiful on their special day.

I am known for my strict attention to detail, and love collaborating with each bride on a personal level, to create a personalised hair and makeup look.

Providing the very best service to each of my clients is of paramount importance, which is why I only use high end, professional products as part of bridal and bridal party preparations.

Combine this with scene setting assistance with your photographer, I can ensure that you will not only look your best in person, but in your photographs too.

I also offer a wedding dress and veil fitting service on the day, and I can also help your bridal party with hat fitting or fascinator placement around their preferred hairstyle; things that they may not be so used to doing.

With years of experience on literally hundreds of weddings, I have come to be adept in time management. So as part of my service to you, I can ensure that each member of your bridal party is ready in a timely fashion with a seamless plan, leaving us the time needed to perfect your bridal look.

Please contact me to see how I can create your dream look.

Call us on 01223 207581 or email
South Farm, Shingay, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0HR
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