Bagatelle Flute and Harp Duo

Bagatelle Duo are a professional flute and harp duo performing varied programmes of elegant and sophisticated music to suit all tastes. Jennie Small (flute) and Meta Killick (harp) began working together as Bagatelle in 1996. Our styles vary from light classical to more contemporary music, folk music (sometimes using our Celtic Harp) and even kletzmer! We now have a selection of Bollywood tunes in our repertoire.

Jennie and Meta believe that music has a unique power to bring people together. Making live music for others means Bagatelle not only share their skills and musicianship but also witness, in the moment, the enjoyment that only live music can evoke. So being part of special events continues to be both a pleasure and a special privilege for Bagatelle.

Bagatelle Duo are very experienced at playing for all types of weddings, both civil and religious ceremonies. We also have experience of playing for Asian and Jewish ceremonies. We have performed for receptions and private occasions such as christenings, engagement parties, birthday lunches/dinners and anniversary parties. Bagatelle have a very wide repertoire but are always very happy to advise or help with selection of music and can usually arrange special pieces for you at no extra charge, making your occasion unique and tailored to your very own requirements. We love playing music from Bach to Bruno Mars!

Call us on 01223 207581 or email
South Farm, Shingay, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0HR
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