Spring in the Gardens 2018

The beautiful spring flowering Dicentra spectablis on flower with the black and white tulips of the kitchen bed coming into flower.

One of South farms Malus sp. on full flower (crab apple)

The cherry tree drive avenue on flower, the cherries will later be harvested for use in the South farm kitchen.

Blue bells on flower around the spring add great early native colour.

The cowslips (Primula veris) are really starting to naturalise nicely in the arboretum providing early spring natural colour.

The Wedding Cake tree (Cornus controversa variegata) in the main gardens has just come into leave.

Euphorbia sp. in the foreground with and Kerria japonica in the back ground.

Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum lily flowering by the side of the pond in the main gardens.

The Hellebores in the winter garden are still flowering well into the spring with purple twisted hazel in the back ground.

Elephant ears (Bergenia sp.) are also still on flower in the winter.

Epimedium sp. provide excellent ground cover and also lovely delicate yellow flowers for the spring.

Ferns unfurling in the beds behind the pond.

Views from the path across the pond.

Freshly cut and woven Osia arch.

A new tulip for South Farm this year on flower contrasts nicely with the black barns.

Views through the herb and kitchen garden.

Views through one of the herb gardens arches into the nuttery.

Daffodils on flower in the arboretum with the rapeseed on full flower in the back ground…a nice borrowed view!

Reflections in the arboretum pond.

Flowering cherry with the rapeseed crop flowering in the back ground.

Kerria japonica in the foreground on flower.

Mixed planting providing some nice colour contrast in one of the sun terrace beds.

The new courtyard layout has been colourful this spring helped by the brilliant performing viola’s. These little plants spent a week under snow and are still flowering their hearts out.

South Farms pots and planters are changed through the season providing colour through the year.