South Farm Autumn Garden 2017

As we make the transition through the autumn at South Farm, the plants, trees and bulbs are changing colour, emerging or starting to gove dormant ready for the winter.

Winter berries not only provide winter colour but also a valuable winter food source for South Farms ‘passing through’ and resident wild bird population.

One of the many viewports through the hedge opening out onto the landscape. This one is through the herb and vegetable gardens.

Verbena bonariensis still looking great well into the autumn. This plant has been a successful self seeder around the South Farm gardens.

Autumn colour of the leave of Acer ‘Crimson King’

Autumn colour of the leave of Acer ‘Crimson King’

Miscanthus varieties with seed heads are shown off with the autumn sun shining through.

Alnus glutinosa seed heads. These alder trees along with the wild cherries planted have probably been the fastest growing trees at South Farm, really suiting the soil and growing conditions.


Betula jaqcuemontii behind the pond, these trees provide striking colour all through the season but are shown off nicely later in the season.

A big thank you to Helen Warner Photography for the photographs!