The arboretum was designed and planted in 2010 with a large range of species, the majority being indigenous, helping to provide habitat for wildlife and naturally linking with the surrounding landscape and gardens.

Around the boundaries of the site, the hedges are augmented by Hornbeam, Willow, Whitebeam, Hawthorn, Wild cherries, Oak, Ash, Hazel and Field Maple which are equipped for dealing with the exposure of the site and provide shelter for the working vegetable fields.

Less indigenous species such as the Tulip tree, Paper Bark Maple, Ornamental Cherries, River Birch and Purple Beech are located closer to the gardens helping to blend in with a more managed site but also taking advantage of a more sheltered position.

Large areas of meadow grass support wild flowers and a large pond excavated in 2010 provides a habitat for an abundance of insect life. Cut grass paths through the meadow grass help to guide visitors around the arboretum where they can enjoy the best landscape views unimpeded.

Thank you to our Garden Designer Stuart Bennett Garden Design