At South Farm, we believe in being as green as possible. And indeed, the Good Life flourishes here: we grow, rear and catch, harvest vegetables, fruit, eggs and poultry, pigs from our fertile gardens and paddocks, monster trout from the lake, and game from the surrounding estate.

We are committed to a long term sustainable environment that supports man and beast and gives pleasure to others.

We have a Nature reserve that houses a host of endangered species, including Whiteclawed crayfish and otters, and the main site has been transformed from its abandoned, forlorn, wind swept state into an oasis of shelter for indigenous wildlife.

A bore hole through greensand provides the purest water and a reed bed cleans effluent from waste water and returns it to the water table on site. We also recycle as much as possible and compost everything we can!

The only resident wildlife here in 1974 were rats, bats and a pair of barn owls. Today the 20 acre site and 7 acre Nature Reserveoffer a safe habitat to a wide range of birds, animals, indigenous trees and wild flowers. Nest boxes, beetle banks, ponds, copses, reed bed, an otter holt and wild meadow have all been added.

Nearby we established a private nature reserve, now a County Wildlife Site, home to the only surviving colony of native White Clawed Crayfish in either Cambs or Beds. The deep lake has water of exceptional quality, nutrient poor, base rich, similar to a limestone lough, with a strong population of stone worts and an acre of Norfolk Reed. We hope the itinerant otters that pass by weekly will use the otter holt we built. Dragon flies, rare birds, chalk land flora and pollard willows characterise the site, while the fishing hut provides a discreet but comfortable viewing point and picnic spot.