29th June 2016

Is it ever too late to order your suit?

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A bride will happily plan her Wedding Day well in advance, sometimes as much as two or three years. Alas, this is often, not something that can be said of the groom!

Men are renowned for believing that it is fine to leave arrangements until the last minute so it is not surprising that organising menswear for the wedding, or in fact any event, is often a last minute decision.

Fortunately, in most cases, although not recommended, last minute orders can be accommodated but different time constraints need to be considered depending on whether the suit is to be hired or ordered in to be purchased.

Buying a suit?

If the item to be ordered is on ‘stock service’ then ordering just a few weeks before an event is possible but leaves very little time if you want to ask your tailor to tweak the fit.

Items not on ‘stock service’ will require 6-8 weeks ordering time.

Hiring a suit?

Hiring a suit for yourself, for a black tie event, wedding or other special occasion, can be organised, at the latest, 48 hours before an event, so long as this allows for delivery on a week day. Despite this, it is not ideal and does not allow time to order in replacements should they be necessary.

However, it does mean that should your long lost cousin turn up the week before your wedding, he too can be part of the wedding party and his order can be added to yours.

To make ordering your wedding suits, whether there are 3 or 13 of you, as relaxing and enjoyable an experience as possible, we advise that you book your first appointment at least 3 – 4 months before your wedding day.

Important points to consider:

  • You may require more than one appointment to make the final decision as to the full details of the outfit you want to order.
  • It takes time to organise the rest of the party to book their fittings. Everyone needs time to organise this within their busy lives.
  • Hired outfits usually arrive with us a week to 10 days before an event.
  • Once the suits arrive, time is needed for all members of the party to try them on and make sure all fits well.
  • Orders can be edited online up to 21 days before your wedding. This allows for slight changes of preference up to this time, such as colour of the cravats.
  • Should any of the groomsmen feel that their size and weight has changed we are happy to check their sizes at an appointment about a month before the wedding. These extra fittings are usually free of charge.
  • Remember, children grow really fast and sometimes without us realising. Children’s fittings should be booked 4 – 6 weeks before an event.

To avoid adding stress to an already frantic time, organise your menswear with plenty of time to spare. If you find yourself with only weeks to spare, don’t panic, be reassured, we will do everything we can to help you.

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