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COVID-19 Update – 31st March 2021

Following on from Boris’ announcement on 22nd February we now have a roadmap for the Country to get back to normal which is obviously helpful when trying to plan a wedding!  Unfortunately, however, it has now been made clear to us from the Government that from the 12th April until the 16th May we can only host a ceremony for 15 people and any reception would need to be outside only – which really rules weddings out for us.  The good news is that from the 17th May until the 20th June we can host a Ceremony and reception for 30 people and then from the 21st June restrictions should be lifted, all being well 😊 However, the Government have yet to publish Guidelines on how these weddings for 30 will look and so the Packages we have designed may be subject to change.

April 12th will be the date from when we can welcome visitors back in person but, until then, we are still offering our virtual tours where we wander around the venue with you ‘virtually’ on an iPad and we can chat through your requirements as we wander!  Not quite a visit in person but the next best thing!  If you would like to book in then contact us on 01223 207581 during office hours or email

Although we are still working with a reduced Office team we have spoken to all Couples still affected by restrictions up until the 20th June and we now have a plan of weddings going ahead in the next couple of months.  So, very soon, it will be time to bring our Team back together, dust down the aprons, chef’s whites, waistcoats and ties and get South Farm ‘wedding ready’ to welcome you all back!  WE.CANNOT.WAIT.!!!!!

Details of small wedding ceremonies and receptions, within the restrictions as outlined above, can be found on our website here.

Looking forward to see you all soon, The South Farm Team x

Events Research Programme

It is possible that we may be permitted to host a larger number of guests, or to relax certain restrictions if we are accepted to take part in a COVID testing trial as part of the ‘Events Research Programme’. At present we have no further details on this and certainly cannot make any guarantees. If this does become a possibility, then you would not be obliged to have more guests or to take part in the trial however if we are accepted into the trial, we will supply you with all the relevant information so you can make an informed choice. At present we do not know what benefits such a trial might bring but we are exploring the possibilities and will keep you updated if this progresses.

The staff really are like one big family and every single one of them will do anything to help make your day as special as possible. They are organised, professional, enthusiastic, positive, attentive, efficient and experts in their own areas. They literally are the dream team and from start to finish they all make you feel like yours is the only wedding going on in the world!

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