1st January 2022

Happy 2022! When you book a South Farm Wedding…we’ll plant a tree for you!

Photo by Helen Warner Photography
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As a wedding venue we are proud of our eco-friendly values and we are always striving to give something back. So we are excited to announce that for all couples who book their wedding at South Farm during 2022 we will plant a tree to celebrate your wedding, an enduring and sustainable reminder of your special day helping to reduce your carbon footprint. 

We will plant a tree for every couple making a booking with us in 2022 (for any future date). 

Since 1974 we have planted around 1200 trees and 1.5 miles of hedgerows at South Farm. In 2015 we instigated the creation of a 75-acre Village Nature Reserve adjoining South Farm, where the trees will be planted.

Throughout the lifetime of your tree it will capture around a tonne of CO2 and will help add to the biodiversity to the Reserve.

Planting will take place during the Winter of 2022/2023 at Mill River Reserve, adjoining South Farm

Please get in touch to discuss your wedding plans and to book a visit to South Farm

For more details about Mill River Reserve please check out the drone film below

Many thanks to South Farm for a dream wedding

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