Tails and Top Hats for Tots

Including children in your Groomsmen’s party always raises questions:

‘What should they wear?’ and ‘When should they have their fittings?’

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Follow our guide to make these decisions as stress free as possible:

  • Children in formal wear will always look cute but beware they may draw more attention than the bride and groom!!
  • If the child’s father is the groom, often the choice is to put the child in a matching outfit although he will look just as cute in outfits to match the rest of the party.
  • Before you decide on the suits for the whole party and part with any deposit, always enquire that they are available for children. Certain styles may only be available in adult sizes.
  • Check shirt styles. High wing collars may be uncomfortable for very young children to wear and they look equally smart in a standard collar.
  • Children’s shirts usually come with a single cuff so they will not need cufflinks.
  • Ready tied cravats for children often do not look anything like the self-tie cravats you may have ordered for the adults. Check what the final look is like before you order. You may find a ready tied tie works much better and looks closer to the adult’s cravats.
  • Although formal tailcoats and jackets look stunning for the photos, it is more practical to keep them just for the photos only. Children will feel more at ease just wearing a waistcoat and trousers and yet still look smart.
  • If cost is of consideration, remember that often children’s hire outfits cost almost as much as the adults’ outfits.
  • Children grow quickly and often without us being aware of it happening whether they are 18 months or 12 year’s old. It is best to leave their fitting as late as possible before the wedding or event to ensure that on the day their trousers are not swinging too high or waistcoats cannot be fastened.
  • We would advise that a month before the wedding is the best time to have a children’s fitting.
  • Don’t be tempted to question the insurance payment on your hire outfits especially for children. It is there to help lessen your stress and worry when your child decides, on your wedding day, to start to become independent and feed himself or a lively impromptu game of football or rugby is set up to entertain those who may be bored!!

Follow these guidelines and your little ones will enjoy their stylish look and, without doubt, steal the show.